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What is SAD-SOG?

Established in October 2009, SAD – SOG is an international gaming community that is open to all adult gamers who prefer a casual team gaming environment. Our group was originally formed in the spirit of the CIA’s Special Activities Division – Special Operations Group however; we have evolved over the years into a community of truly dedicated, team orientated gamers, which operate very much like a military- type special operations capable community both in game and in garrison.

Those members, who have earned it, proudly fly the clan tag: SOG

Who should join SAD-SOG?

Anyone is eligible to register for SOG but please keep in mind that joining a special operations style team is NOT for everyone. Spec Ops teams by nature of their mission attract type-A personalities, individuals who are outgoing, outspoken, highly motivated, driven, creative thinkers, operate well alone or on a team and (win or lose) have a “never quit” persona. SOG is no exception. We attract the same quality candidates. All of the aforementioned traits will be tested during your initial 30 day indoctrination period. Only those who can demonstrate that they can operate in a team environment will be allowed to remain part of SOG. Also, our community attracts many veterans but we are open to all gamers.

We are NOT looking for star players with high KDR’s. We ARE looking for committed, loyal, team players who communicate and would rather spend a game with no kills and sacrifice for the win than someone who is a John Rambo/Chuck Norris and single handedly takes out the team with no communication or coordination with other teammates. In short, we seek gamers of ALL abilities who are true and dedicated team players.

Why indoctrination?

A common experience creates a common bond. You will know that anyone who has earned the SOG tag is cut from the same cloth as yourself. Indoctrination filters out those who really don’t belong and promotes esprit de corps for those who have earned it.

How do I join?

Joining SOG is rather easy however; SOG does maintain a few rules in order to participate with the clan.

1. Register at SADSOG.com

2. You are REQUIRED to add all SOG team members to your PSN friends list within 7 days of registration. Noncompliance with this step will result in removal from the team immediately. A roster of active SOG members is located here: http://sadsog.com/index.php?action=staff

3. You must be 18 years of age or older

4. We do not accept glitchers, hackers or trolls. SAD-SOG is a legitimate gaming clan. We do not allow use of enhancement devices such as a mouse and keyboard or marginal techniques such as hacking, glitching, lag switching or boosting. Using such devices, methods or styles in a live game will get you removed from the team immediately.

What we offer you

SOG maintains an engaged community, drama free, not focused on personal statistics and reputation built on demonstrated commitment to the team. We are primarily focused in the First Person Shooter genre however, we also venture into several other genres and game types.

We provide a moderated forum open to all individuals who seek gaming industry analysis, discussion and research that is deep and impactful.

We are a true gaming community. Our community is 100% team member supported and funded. That means no web site advertisements or pesky pop-ups. We have over 56,000 member posts in our forum, covering 2300 topics, in 7 different categories and over 2 million page views (as of August 2013). We run an active community that is professionally led and moderated. We also provide an engaging community for those teammates who truly want to participate. SOG is high speed low drag.

Looking for a team with loyalty? Over 70% of our members have been with the team for over a year.

Change breeds opportunity. SAD-SOG is also not opposed to change. We constantly review our format, presentation, structure and sites to ensure that we are providing a leading edge experience for all gamers.

AFO Hammer

SAD-SOG also offers an additional component to our community which is an optional, volunteer only, team with an intensive screening process and exclusive access to member only areas on the SAD-SOG forums. This team is known as AFO Hammer.

Team members of this elite group are authorized to fly team tags of SOG, SOGH or no tag at all. It is a tight knit group, usually around 40 teammates and most members have been with SOG for over a year or more. Once you have completed your 30 day screening period you are eligible to apply for AFO Hammer.

Join Us

Click on the "Register" link above, become a SOG member today! It’s free!

We look forward to seeing you in the forums and online!

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